First and foremost, we’re grateful to the people who shared their stories with us, and those who assisted us on our reporting journeys into Indigenous communities:

Adrian Duke, Amelia Roberts, Andrew Bak, Andre van Eden, Andrew Duerksen, Betty Paul, Bonnie Nickel, Brenda Baptiste, Carleen Thomas, Carolyne Neufeld, Charles Louis, Chief Alice Thompson, Chief Angie Bailey, Chief Ernie Hill, Jr., Chief Floyd Joseph, Chief Gibby Jacob and the whole education department, Chief Justin George, Chief Kim Baird, Chris Silver, Chris Simons, Christina Hutchinson,  Christine Smith-Parnell, Christopher Lalonde, Dan Guinan, Danielle Milano, Dann Swann, Diana Trifonova, Edith Tobe, Eunice Ned, Frieda Malloway, Gordon Bailey, Grand Chief Clarence Pennier, Heather McDonald, Henry Williams, Inez Jasper, Jason Thompson, Jen Thomas, Jennifer Malloway, Jennifer Sutherland-Hibbert, Jessica Weedon, Joshua Joseph, Joy Joseph McCullough, Ken Wright, Leigh Joseph, Liana Martin, Marc Lalonde, Marcel Hadisty, Marcie Baker, Maureen Thomas, Michael Chandler, Michelle George, Nancy Turner, Patricia Shaw, Ramona Valenzuela, Rebecca Sovdi, Ria Kisoun, Robyn Cobon, Rochelle and Mike Raphael, Rueben George, Selina Beltram, Sharlet Wheating, Shawnae Robinson, Sheryl Engdahl, Sue Falconer, Susan Miller, Tanya Corbet, Tanya O’Neill, Tess Ned, Tonya Driscoll, William Bailey

We appreciate and acknowledge the financial support for this project provided to the UBC students via the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund.

We also wish to honour the many people without whom the Reporting in Indigenous Communities course would not have been possible:

Our Guest Speakers

Glen Coulthard – Professor (Political Science) – University of British Columbia
Debra Martel – Associate Director – University of British Columbia First Nations House of Learning
Ernie Crey – Policy Advisor – Sto:lo Tribal Council
Kim Baird – Chief – Tsawwassen First Nation
Dr. Evan Adams – Aboriginal Health Physician Advisor – BC Government
Leslie Varley – Director – PHSA Aboriginal Health
Deborah Jacobs – Education Director – Squamish Nation
Allan Price – Funding Officer – Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development
Susan Moylan Coombs – Head of Commissioning – National Indigenous Television (Australia)
Antonia Gonzales – Anchor – National Native News (USA)

Indigenous Communities

Downtown Eastside

Squamish Nation

Sto:lo Tribal Council

Tsawwassen First Nation


Urban Vancouver

Additional thanks

Carol van Valkenberg, Jason Begay and Jeremy Lurgio – University of Montana School of Journalism Native Honours Project.

Dan Burnett, Paul Brackstone- Owen Bird Law Corporation

John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship Program – Stanford University.

Wayne Williams, Kathryn Gretsinger, Yvonne Gall, Laura Palmer, Rick Warren and Alan Waterman – CBC Vancouver.

Last but not least…

All of our friends, family and the Faculty and Staff at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism. 

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